Enjoy increased opportunities to implement quality digital health and MERL projects in SSA

  • Digital health technical advisory services
  • Monitoring, Evaluation, Research, and Learning (MERL to promote health, wellbeing, and development, and to advance digital health solutions
  • Project management, project implementation, software development / customization

Join the Digital Nomads Alliance (DNA) platform of digital health and MERL professionals where you can:

  • Manage your CV and export out to different formats
  • Manage project timesheets and invoices
  • Access key project information, track progress, and file update reports

Become a Digital Nomads Alliance Champion:

  • Advance the mission of Digital Nomads Alliance
  • Contribute to proposal development and opportunity creation

Are you a digital health professional looking to offer services in the African region? Digital Nomads Alliance gives you the opportunity to offer your invaluable professional services to clients at different levels of expertise and engagement

Different modes of engagement with our clients, ranging from the provision of freelance consultancy services, engagement in full project implementation and on-going support and backstopping services

Engage at your level and progress through our career path from Junior Associate to Partner

A results-based consultancy model that allows for flexible working arrangements including home and mobile office settings.

A robust CV management system that will give you the opportunity to present your skills and competence in a comprehensive manner, with the possibility to export your CV to different formats per mouse click.